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About VBN



VBN is a company which provides professional and creative solutions for commercial markets, including strategy, creativity, design, media, etc.. Also, we have always been practicing a future lifestyle, and we have created a number of business brands.

We have always been maintaining high enthusiasm and bold practice of commercial ideas. In terms of design, we not only insist on keeping edgy style,also focus on the business efficiency and the long-term research on life experience of. These make the cases from us are not only surprising, but also practical and reliable.



VBN was established in 2008, the services include business ideas, brand design and space design, business involves catering, retail, office, real estate, hotel, education, agriculture, and many other fields.

The reasons why VBN could keep its leading position in the international field of graphic and space design, are the international mindset and the cross-border creation. These also lead VBN to win numerous international awards and media coverage from China and overseas.

The Practitioner Of Commercial Ideas





Commercial idea is also called content creation, is an approach of solving problem more thoroughly. To provide more efficient solutions, in addition to the excellent design itself, the design should contain something else, such as business models, products, services, experiences, media…In a word, an outstanding commercial idea should follow the business logic and also capable of getting rid of the limitation of the traditional business rules.

For example, the concept of farm crops is implanted in the city life, by a term we bring about-“creative farming”; The “runner's daily life” is remodeled by the combination of street fashion brands and art; With the experience of community to create the brand-new "business hotel".

We provide customers services not only professional ideas, also business consulting and advisory services. Indeed, we once became one of the business partners of our customer, since we took part in their brand incubator.

The New Concept Of Brand Design


商業價值、體驗價值、設計價值,是我們在品牌設計服務中始終權衡和追求的完整價值體系;我們也將這三項價值看作是設計生態,從商業信息情報的收集和研究、到先進生活理念的引入和在地屬性的結合、再到設計表達的創意和潮流品味的把控,更有序推動設計朝著正確方向發展 ;

The value of commerce, experience and design is the whole set of value system. Also, we consider these three elements as the ecology of design aesthetics. We follow the value system from the business information collection and research, to the combination of the introduction of advanced lifestyle and the local lifestyle, even to the creativity of design and the control on the taste of fashion. All in all, following this value system could be a guarantee for us to step in the right direction.

The New Border Of Design



Only in the field of design itself, we are always expanding its border. Such as cooperating with cutting-edge art, integrating on the cross-border design, innovation and development of materials, also the application of new media and technology.

For A Future With More Possibilities



We sincerely invite you to join us, to bring us more valuable experience and innovative thinking.

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